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Installing OS X through a USB stick on PowerPC Macs

18 de novembro de 2014 2 comentários

Continuing my previous blogpost… 🙂

Well, I had a few considerations when I was looking for the perfect PowerMac G4:

1. I was not sure whether I buy a QuickSilver or a Mirrored Drive Doors model; I had reasons to buy a PowerMac QuickSilver, as it was the first New World Mac I ever used. However, the Mirrored Drive Doors is a more robust machine, faster, way more recent, and runs with DDR memory.

2. It should be original, with little to no components replaced;

3. It should be working and with installed operational system.

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The Vectra’s rise and fall

13 de novembro de 2014 1 comentário

Hi folks,

A few years ago I wrote about my personal server: An HP Vectra VL5/100, which was running NetBSD in that occasion. If you’re still interested, there’s a portuguese link here with the setup, and here’s a picture taken on the day it arrived:

HP Vectra

Its hostname was (also, and it was a great computer. The hostname was chosen due Vectra is also an old car I like, and I really think it’s a cool hostname. 🙂  That said, Vectra was built in 1996, and had been used by a former colleague of mine, who gave me in January 2008 when I was still living in Goiania. I don’t know exactly regarding the original configuration, but when I received it, was already a Pentium 166MHz with 96MB Ram and a 4GB HD drive. This colleague of mine was freeing some space on his house, and knowing I like to play with old computers, he gave me instead of discarding on the nearest garbage can he could find.

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