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When you’re glad that nothing really happened

14 de agosto de 2013 Deixe um comentário

Ya, I was on the super market today. I was talking on the phone, and simultaneously providing the credit card for the cashier in order to pay the items I had bought. Few seconds later a girl was staring at me, I did notice, and when I looked at her (and recognized her), she turned her face and walk away.

I also took a few seconds to recognize her, and to realize what had just happened. I knew her. An year ago we were kinda dating, and things just ended unexpectedly, with a childish performance from both. Yes, I said both.

For some minutes I thought about that. And I also decided this was best. I would rather say “Hi, how are you doing”, leading the situation for a meaningless conversation, ending with a cordial goodbye and a handshake. It doesn’t depend only on me, though.

Seriously? Whatever. 🙂